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Investment fundamentals
Envisioning a
sustainable future
Investors must and will have broad access to credible and comparable information related to companies and financial products. To achieve this, we provide digital solutions for all financial market participants to obtain high-quality ESG information more efficiently. It will render investors and corporations qualified in managing ESG information, thus eliminating information asymmetry. We believe it will connect financial markets more closely to this changing world.
ESG Management across the Entire Investment lifecycle
Building ESG disclosure strategies, Shaping sustainability narratives, Crafting responsible investment brands, Capturing ESG premiums
Capital Exit
Tracking ESG investment policies, Analysing ESG dynamics, Responding to ESG inquiries, Providing ESG fundraising tools
Establishing ESG workflows, Monitoring ESG performance anomalies, Managing portfolio carbon emissions, Empowering investment with ESG value
ESG due diligence, Customized ESG data collection tools, Portfolio ESG database, ESG investment research assistance/assistant, Benchmarking ESG performance, ESG investment decisions assistance/assistant
ESG SaaS with Efficiency
Green Assistant for Fundraising
ESG Investment Due Diligence System
ESG Investment Risk Management Platform
Automated ESG Data Collection Dashboard for Portfolios
Visual Portfolio Carbon Emission Dashboard
Integrated Portfolio ESG Reporting Tool
Grasp the pulse of the industry
Decipher investor interests
Strenghten Investor Relationships
Enhance Fundraising Appeal
Set evaluation criteria
Collect key data
Analyze target performance
Measure investment opportunities
Develop customized technology solutions
Determine portfolio ESG risk-based pricing
Aggregate portfolio data
Verify non-financial information
Provide standardized real-time services
Measure portfolio carbon emission
Assess carbon-related risk exposure
Optimize sustainable investment decisions
Access the latest ESG regulation database
Screen portfolio ESG requirements and criteria
Assistance with ESG disclosure