Business for Good
Rooted in Value Orientation
"Business for good, Rooted in value orientation" is the philosophy that sustainaBo has consistently been upholding. sustainaBo is well-versed in the new opportunities presented by green and low-carbon development, responding to the industry trends with professional services and products. We empower enterprises in planning and implementing ESG initiatives, enhancing the synergy of ESG practices, to generate long-term value.
ESG Lifecycle Management
01Establish ESG Strategic Positioning and Goals
07Enhance Long-Term Corporate Value
06Accelerate the Business Transformation
05Assess ESG Risks and Opportunities
02Refine the ESG Organizational Structure
03Identify Material ESG Issues
04Conduct ESG Due Diligence
ESG Compliance & Management Consulting
Adress Investor Needs and Capital Market Regulations, Balancing Customer Needs and Compliance Requirements to Create a Responsible Brand and Long-Term Value
ESG Information Disclosure
ESG Strategic Planning
ESG Infrastructure Development
ESG Rating Management
ESG Brand Communication
ESG Specialized Training
ESG Report Assurance
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ESG Compliance & Management Consulting
ESG Finance & Innovation Consulting
One-stop ESG integrated investment and financing solution to accurately identify and systematically analyze potential ESG risks and opportunities in your portfolios
ESG integrated solutions for investing and financing
Construction and integration of ESG into evaluation metrics
Construction of ESG management processes and tools
ESG valuation for portfolios
Financial impact of key ESG issues
Tracking, analysis and forecast of ESG performance in portfolios
ESG due diligence
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ESG Finance & Innovation Consulting
Climate Change & Carbon Neutrality Consulting
Trustworthy institutional-level carbon management capabilities to support our clients in achieving science-based decarbonization goals
Carbon inventory (Scope 1, 2, 3)
Product carbon accounting
Science-Based Targets (SBT) management
Carbon emission reduction path planning
Zero-carbon product development
Portfolio carbon emission measurement
Portfolio climate risk assessment
CBAM compliance assessment and reporting
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Climate Change & Carbon Neutrality Consulting
ESG Digitalization Consulting
Responding to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements with comprehensive digital solutions
ManageBo Corporate ESG Smart Management System
BoCO₂ Corporate Carbon Neutrality Smart Management System
InvestiBo Investor ESG Intelligent Smart Management System
SuppliBo Supply Chain ESG Smart Management System
GovernaBo Platform ESG Smart Management System
BoEMS Energy Management System
BoEX Intelligent ESG Expert
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ESG Digitalization Consulting