Embrace Carbon Neutrality
Safeguard our blue marble
What iscarbon neutrality
Condition in which, during a specified period of time, the carbon footprint has been reduced as a result of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions or GHG removal enhancements and, if greater than zero, is then counterbalanced by offsetting.
———ISO 14068-1:2023
Carbon Neutrality Four-Step Method
We summarize sustainaBo's extensive experience in carbon management, outlining the path for corporate carbon neutrality considering priority and realization cost
01Inventorize Your Carbon Baseline
Assess the total current carbon emissions using energy management systems and third-party evaluations
02Empower Management with Digital Technology
Introduce next generation of information technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to optimize production process
03Increase the Use of Renewable Energy
Purchase or develop renewable energy sources independently, to decrease the reliance on fossil fuels and reduce total emissions
04Offset Remaining Emissions
Eventually, the remaining unavoidable carbon emissions are sequestered through carbon capture or offset via carbon trading
Carbon Neutrality Guidelines
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